Product use – Is Your Pottery Food-Safe?

Yes, we work with lead free glazes.  We want you to enjoy the art in every piece, but our pottery is meant to be functional as well!

Product use – Can your pottery be used in the microwave or the oven?

Although our work is meant to be used for serving both hot or cold food, it is not oven-ware.  We occasionally warm up coffee in our mugs using the microwave but that is all we do.  The bottom line regarding care for your special pieces is to just avoid abrupt changes in temperatures to protect your piece.

Product use – Can garden art be outside all winter?

Clay is porous and will absorb moisture.  All garden art should be stored indoors once temperatures approach freezing.  However sunshine has no impact on our pieces.

Can I sign up for your mailing list?

YES!  We love to have customers sign up for our monthly e-mail newsletter.  We send out lots of information regarding new pieces we’ve created, events at the studio, and upcoming shows.  We create special coupons just for our e-mail customers as well.

Your privacy is important to us!  We will never sell, share or rent your email address to anyone.

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes we do!  They can be ordered online.  They can be purchased in any denomination and sent anywhere you wish.

Do you sell the stands and plate racks you display your work on?

We sell 2 sizes of stands and we can send you the appropriate one for your pieces.  The price ranges from $14-$16.  We also have vertical and horizontal plate racks for sale which can be purchased in-studio only.

Is all your pottery on your website?

Unfortunately, no.  Because of the very unique nature of our work, it would be impossible for us to photograph and upload every single piece to our website.  However that is what makes stopping into the store so much fun!

Delivery – How long does it take for me to receive my piece once I’ve placed a special order?

Most special orders take 4-6 weeks to be painted and fired.  However, it truly depends on the type of piece, difficulty of design, and the time of year.  Feel free to ask for a time estimate on your particular piece and we’ll be glad to give you an approximate time frame.

Shipping – What do I do if my item has been broken in the mail

We insure all of our packages with USPS. In the event you receive your package and the contents are broken please CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. We must file a claim within 60 days of mailing.

Take photos of your package and its contents. We will need these to start a claim. Please email them to .  Once we have received the photos, we will be able to replace your order.

Shipping – What do I do if my package is missing?

With each order we mail, we will send you a tracking number.  With this you can follow your package each step of the way and when it will be delivered. 

1. Track your package
Check the tracking number here!input.action to find out when and where your package was delivered, or, possibly, if it has not been delivered yet.

2. Check your local post office
Sometimes a package may end up back there for a variety of reasons.

3. Search for missing mail
Next check ; you will need both the sender's and receiver's mailing address. USPS will also need the size and type of envelope or box used to ship, mailing date and tracking number. Description of the contents will help identify the missing mail.

If your package has been determined as delivered, we won’t be able to file a claim with USPS because they have fulfilled their end of the bargain.

Shipping – What do I do if my package was stolen?

If you feel a package has been stolen, you can report it and file a complaint with U.S. Postal Inspector. The USPS has a police force that investigates mail theft. You can also file a police report with your local city or county.

What good does a report do?
If you paid for third party package insurance, or your homeowner’s insurance covers it, they will require one of these reports to file a claim.