Week in the Life of a Blessing Bowl -Part 2-The Painting

Week in the Life of a Blessing Bowl -Part 2-The Painting

When you decide to purchase a blessing bowl, we have you in mind from the minute Marybeth, our potter, starts your bowl on the potters wheel. Each bowl is completely unique, comprised of three elements: the design (one of more then 30 options); the wording; and the personalization.

The next step in the process of creating a Blessing Bowl is painting with under glazes. Each design is painted free hand by one of our eight painters. After the design is completed, the wording is added to the rim of the bowl, and then the personalization is written on the bottom. 

After the painting is finished, each bowl gets checked to make certain everything has been painted and written correctly.

Now the blessing bowl is ready for the first firing in the kiln. This first firing is called the bisque firing, where the clay is heated to 1987°.

After the bisque firing has cooled, the blessing bowl is checked over, lightly wiped and then dipped in to our clear glaze.  The clear glaze is a bright green when applied but once it is finished in the second firing it will be a glossy and clear.

 The glazed blessing bowl is allowed to dry and then loaded into the kiln for a second firing.