Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

During these unprecedented and challenging times it's sometimes hard to remember what day of the week it is, much less make a plan for the future. But we all have family and friends that are experiencing changes or needing to move forward with their lives whether sheltering in place or not.

It is hard to believe it has been almost two months since we were able to enjoy the company of family and friends in person.

All of the uncertainty of coronavirus has impacted many wedding plans.

What to do? People are considering options they would have never considered just months ago: Live stream ceremonies, postponements, cancellations, small gatherings this year with full receptions on the first anniversary. So many options, so many difficult decisions.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the details and what if questions. But a wedding is just the beginning of a new life together, something that cannot be postponed indefinitely. No matter how a ceremony is conducted it is still an event to celebrate, especially in these uncertain times.

Our  Blessing Bowls are the perfect, personalized gift to celebrate the weddings in your life. They're our number one gift. We ship Blessing Bowls all across the country!  They come in 20+ established designs and a selection of wording options, including scripture, for the rim. Blessing bowls can be personalized on the bottom.

Our most popular design is the  Monogram Blessing Bowl. We have updated the lettering for 2020.


Practical suggestions for upcoming weddings with uncertain dates.

Some ideas we offer for personalizing the bottom of blessing bowls during this pandemic:

  • 1. Name and year only 
  • 2. Name and "Love in the time of coronavirus."
  • 3. Name only
  • 4. Place your order, we will begin the process of creating your bowl and hold it until you know the final date.


Consider a Postponement Present

Another thoughtful idea for those couples trying to make tough decisions about their wedding events is to send an encouraging "postponement present". Our  wedding cake ornaments offer spots for personalizing that could include messages of hope and encouragement .