Garden Beauty

Garden Beauty

Why can cleaning up your yard, creating a new raised bed, planning a container garden or planting some herbs and vegetables be so satisfying? Why would digging in the dirt, regularly watering and weeding be a job that so many people willingly take on?

There are many reasons but to start with, it makes us feel more connected to our world. Gardening can help connect you to the food you eat. Having work that requires you to be outside in fresh air can also boost your mood. (Breathing fresh air can raise levels of oxygen in your brain, which in turn increases the levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that alters your mood.). We have studies that show exercise outside such as gardening can reduce stress and even decrease activity in a part of the brain that is associated with depression. Exercise also increases the production of endorphins which are neurotransmitters that also boost mood. But its not just the activity. Working hard and enjoying the benefits of that work, watching the progress of your growing plants, learning about new flowers and trying to find a spot in your own garden for them is satisfying in and of itself.


Every employee here at Heather Lane Pottery is involved in someway with gardening. I think in part because of what I have already mentioned above but also because we are artists. We know that beauty matters and gardening is a way of creating or curating beauty.

Birds, bunnies, butterflies and dragonflies are our most popular garden stakes. We try to use colors that will stand out in your garden so that between blooming seasons you have a pop of color with all of the lush greenery.

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