Custom Ornaments

Custom Ornaments

A perfect way to remember special events

We can create custom ornaments with wording and/or images to commemorate a graduation, wedding, anniversary, celebration, shower, birthday or accomplishment.

Custom Bridal Shower Favor Ornaments

Give a lasting gift, that celebrates time spent together. We did these ornaments for a bridal shower party that was held on a ship in Chicago. We created a custom design, hand painted each ornament and personalized the back.

Custom Wedding Favors

Send your guests home with a gift that is beautiful while celebrating the bride and grooms special day.

Custom Party/Event Favors

See our blog post about creating the Official 2016 Ornament for Governor Snyder.

Custom Commemorative Ornaments

Ornaments can be made for family reunions or favorite vacations and trips.


Not everyone is looking for a completely custom ornament. Often we have designs that already fit your needs and are ready for personalization. These include musical instruments, Michigan ornaments, anniversary ornaments, and graduation caps and coats.

Personalized Ornaments for Athletes and Musicians

Personalized Ornaments for Graduates

Graduation Ornaments

Anniversary Ornaments

We have Anniversary ornaments ready to order online.