Gratitude and Gifts

Every year at this tIme I have a minor moment of panic. There is so much going on, so many things that need to be started or finished. It's that time of year when everything is coming to an end before the summer season arrives. It is a busy time of year.


Whether you have kids in school or not, everyone's schedule is altered by the arrival of summer.  It could be the end of a sports season or gym class; music lessons or theater production; church programs or heavy work schedules, no one is immune to this shift.  And it is at this time that my moment of panic moves to wonder and then gratitude.  I can never believe how quickly another school year has gone by and I am so very grateful for all the time and work so many people have given to my kids, instructing and caring for them and for all the volunteers, bus drivers, church staff, and coaches who have given so much that makes my families' life richer.

I want them to know they are appreciated.


Here are a couple of ways that Heather Lane can help. 


1. Blessing Bowl: The right words to say thank you.


2. Encouragement Vase : Heartening Words for Every Occasion

3. Plumeria Vase: Just the right size to add a pop of color with a small bouquet of flowers.


4. Plant Pics: A little whimsy that can be added to any potted plant

5. A Mug: Beauty that can be used everyday