We have some very dedicated pet owners and animal lovers working here at Heather Lane. We enjoy conversations about daily dog walks, funny cat stories, hatching turtles and trained hamsters. We know that pets bring joy into every day, that is why we have designed a line of practical and whimsical pieces to help celebrate these dear friends.


At shows, in the studio, and through correspondence we hear stories of how Heather Lane pieces help celebrate the lives of beloved furry friends. One of the most meaningful is the garden stake. Just recently we received a note about "Hutch". We wanted to share it with you.



"Wanted to share with you the lovely garden stake you made for Hutch. Hutch was my first male golden that excelled in the show ring and field work. He was bigger than life and stole my heart the minute I met him. I was so overwhelmed with grief when I lost him very suddenly to cancer. I remembered that my sister in law ordered from Heather Lane Pottery and was pleased with your outstanding pottery. I made the brave call to your store and cried my heart out to some caring lady. She was so understanding and listened to me on how I wanted him to look. I received the garden stake a few weeks later and my heart soared, again. I look out my window, many times, daily and am so grateful that I have this to remind me of my Hutch. Thanks for caring, listening to our stories and making pieces that bring joy to our lives. -Carole M."


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