Flower Arranging 101



Here at Heather Lane Pottery, we have a love of fresh flowers. If you have the chance to visit us at our studio you'll see that appreciation in our mini floral garden surrounding our parking lot, in the overflowing window boxes and in the fresh bouquets filling our gallery. From soft peonies in the spring, freshly scented lavender in early summer and bold sunflowers in August our studio is adorned in fresh blooms.

What is an easy way to bring this beauty into your home? What are some easy ways to arrange cut flowers? What is the best way to keep floral arrangements fresh and long lasting? We have a couple of tips from our local flower farmer, Casey Lemieux, from The Flower Garden, in Coopersville, MI. Casey comes to our side of town weekly at the Ada Farmers Market.


Flower Arranging Tips

1. Prep all your flowers and greens by removing any foliage that could come in to contact with the water.

2. Start by adding greenery to the vase.

3. Add stabilizer flowers that will help hold and divide the bouquet.

4. Insert the focal flowers between the greenery and stabilizer flowers.

5. Rotate the arrangement to make certain flowers are well distributed.



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