Garden Stake


Add a bit of whimsy to the garden... or have us create a cat or dog to celebrate or memorialize a favorite pet.  You choose a basic color, we'll provide the design and add a name to the front or back if you wish (free personalizing).

Standard cat fur colors: Black, Black and White, Brown, Brown and White, Calico, Gray, Yellow, White

Standard cat eye colors: Blue, Green, Yellow

Standard dog colors: Black, Black & White, Brown, Brown & White, Yellow, White

We ship these without a pole.  The fitting on the back side slips over a standard 1/2" copper pipe – see more garden stakes  

Leash Holders

Choose from our basic colors; we'll provide the design.  We also have cat hooks.  Click here to see all our hook designs.

Treat Jar


Each one of a kind jar features a band of whimsical dogs.  Wording on the lid may include sayings like:  "Good Dog! Go for a walk?  Time for a treat!"

You choose red or blue banding and we'll design the rest, making each Dog Treat Jar uniquely one of a kind.



You choose a color and we can add a name to the front or back.

Tea Bag Holders/Spoon Rests

You choose the color and we'll add the creative touches making each one unique.

And yes, a Mug!


Each mug features three whimsical cats or dogs.  The handle proudly reads, "I love dogs" or "I love cats".