Transforming ordinary clay into extraordinary pottery is what we do. We love helping our customers celebrate and mark the big and small achievements and events in their lives.

Our new Celebration of Life pieces are specifically designed to honor and remember family and friends. Choose from five different shapes that can be personalized to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one.


Oval Vase

Let me introduce you to our NEW vase shape! The base of our oval vase is round but it draws upward to form an oval opening that has a centered ruffle. The oval rim allows for beautiful floral arrangements that will stay in place with more support. Our simple design has a solid background color (your choice) with our delicate floral pattern over top. Select from a variety of sayings that can be handwritten above the design.



The oval vase comes in with other designs such as our Hydrangea Oval Vase, Tulip and Floral Oval Vase,Chickadee Oval Vase as well as our Cardinal Oval Vase.



Our cardinal designs are special to this collection. It is often thought that cardinals are a representative of a loved one who has passed. A cardinal may appear in times of need, times of celebration and times of sorrow as a reminder that we are not alone and that there is hope for the renewing of all things.


Memory Planters


Decorative Memory Tiles


Personalized Memory Garden Stakes

Faith traditions view the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection, reminding us of the hope we have because of God's promises. Adorn your garden with this symbol of hope and have it personalized with the name of a dear friend or family member. Select the color of butterfly or dragonfly and we will incorporate the name of your loved one into the design.




We also have butterflyand dragonfly plant pics in this collection. They are a perfect compliment to a plant or floral arrangement.

The Celebration of Life collection also includes custom work that can be designed and created to meet the needs of any situation. We have created custom bowls and platters in a variety of sizes that have room for more wording. Have a set created that can be given to family members. Create a memorial piece that can be treasured through the years as a remembrance of a loved one.